You Can Claim For a Beauty Treatment Gone Wrong

If you've been scarred, burned or had an allergic reation to a treatment that's gone wrong, then you maybe eligible to make a claim for compensation. Call 0800 122 3130 or ask for a free call back.


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Beautician Treatments Gone Wrong

We all like to look our best and a trip to the hairdressers or health spa are part and parcel of most of our lives. While this is normally uneventful and trouble free have you even stopped and thought about the array of chemicals in the salon around you? Probably not. If used correctly by trained staff such chemicals and products are perfectly safe but when they are not used properly the affects can be devastating, both psychologically as well as physically.The beauty industry in the UK is subject to very little regulation or policing and as such, sadly, it can be open to abuse.

Suffered following a beauty treatment? Our experts can help you today:

  • Injured by salon chemicals
  • Hurt by untrained staff
  • Cosmetic surgery gone wrong
  • Suffered physical scarring
  • Been affected psychologically
  • Need expert legal advice

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